"Humanoid" robot makes lifelike expressions

2:12 pm on 7 December 2021, Tuesday

By Arvenz Llanto


UK-based designer and manufacturer of humanoid robots, Engineered Arts, Exhibited one of its robots that can amazingly emulate or articulate real emotions or facial movements in a video posted on Youtube. The robot is named Ameca.

Ameca is the most advanced humanoid robot designed as a platform for AI and human-robot interaction (HRI)). She can emulate a surprised face, a curious face, and a smiling face. While Ameca can do those few things, Unfortunately, Ameca Does not walk, flip, dance, or do parkour like Boston Dynamics' Atlas robot does. Ameca won't be walking with us anytime soon according to Engineered Arts, but they want to give Ameca the ability to walk at some point in the development. 

Aside from Ameca Engineered Arts has another humanoid robot named Mesmer, the manufacturer says that they used 3D scans of actual humans to give Mesmer an accurate bone structure, skin, and lifelike facial expressions. Mesmer is more convincing than Ameca because of the skin texture.

The two humanoid robots Ameca and Mesmer will be exhibited and displayed at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022. However, engineered Arts says that they will only be an entertainment piece at the moment rather than do a specific job.

With these impressive humanoid robots, you will start to think about what it will be like to co-exist with humanoid robots. Will life be more accessible, or things take a dark turn, and the humanoid robots gain consciousness and start to take over humanity and make us extinct. But we don't have to worry about that right now. All we can say is that with Ameca and Mesmer, Engineered Arts has created the most realistic human-like expressions I've seen in a robot up to date. Gone is the stereotype of the expressionless robot.




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