JC Cares Joins the Blood Donation Drive of the Department of Health

7:26 pm on 15 October 2021, Friday

A pint of blood saves three lives, but what if these stockpiles of life-saving blood nosedive to critically low levels, as in the case of the country’s supply?


In the country alone, for every few seconds, somewhere, someone needs a supply of this life-saving blood whether it is for surgery, treating trauma cases, or complicated cases of pregnancies, and bleeding disorders. 


However, since the start of the COVID19 pandemic, the blood donation drive of the Department of Health has been badly affected. Donors and the general public were hesitant to donate for fear of getting infected by the virus. 


To mitigate the effects of the pandemic on the decreased blood supply, the Philippine Blood Center, which is the national blood center under the Department of Health- National Voluntary Blood Services Program, intensified its social media campaign to encourage the different agencies and institutions, both government and private, to join its blood donation drive activities within Metro Manila.


JC Cares Foundation swiftly answered the call of the National Voluntary Blood Services Program mission, which is to ensure an adequate supply of blood and blood products through Voluntary Non Remunerated Blood Donation that will ensure safe, timely, and accessible blood and blood products. 


"JC Cares foundation, from the time of its conception, runs through its veins the commitment of helping our kababayans in whatever way it can. Whether it be financial or essential aid from its different corporate social responsibility programs, we are always ready to answer the call. This time, we want to help differently by donating the gift of life, which is blood." said Kristine Tabua, Senior Marketing Officer for Corporate Events, the Head of the JC Cares Foundation program. 


The successful blood donation drive was initiated by the JC Group of companies through the JC Cares Foundation. Overall, 58 successful donors participated in the campaign, giving a part of their lives, their precious blood, so others might live.


It was held at the Philippine Blood Center, and it was an exciting feeling, especially for the first-time donors who are looking forward to donating again, knowing that they have made a big difference in saving a person’s life through a pint of blood donated by these generous individuals. 


JC Cares Foundation would like to thank the Department of Health National Voluntary Blood Services Program-Philippine Blood Center Officer-In-Charge, Dr. Pedrito Y. Tagayuna and Dr. Cynthia S. Fabregas, Medical Specialist III and Head of the Advocacy Development and Public Relations Section of the Blood Donor Management Division for welcoming the foundation and its donors warmly to the facility


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