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Toktok takes over EDSA with large billboards

3:57 pm on 14 May 2021, Friday

If you happen to pass by EDSA Guadalupe and North Edsa, chances are, you have probably seen this massive ad of toktok which features its brand ambassadors namely; Daniel Padilla, Kathryn Bernardo, Maine Mendoza, and Alden Richards. 

The massive ad also indicates a clear and simple message to the public of better and more affordable delivery service. 

toktok, the country's first Filipino-owned delivery service company is making waves since its launch 5 months ago. 

Considered as a newbie and an underdog in the industry, where foreign delivery service giants ruled for some years now.

"For more than a decade, the delivery service industry in the country has been captured by international players. Now, it's about time that a 100% Filipino owned and operated company raises the flag in this industry and shows that the Filipinos can do it," proudly said by toktok executive, Mr. Jonathan So. . 

"We take pride in what we do because we always think about how we can help our kababayans get through in these trying times. Whether it be an online seller looking for delivery, or a toktok delivery rider braving the streets of the Metro so that both can earn a decent living. This is why toktok is here, and why we do it, we do it with passion," expressed Mr. Carlito Macadangdang, executive of toktok.

toktok, the country's grass-root delivery service company that is completely unheard of, virtually came out of nowhere and commenced in December of 2020. Completely unknown in the industry, they started with just over 2000 active riders, plying the streets of NCR as its initial delivery serviceable area and carrying with it the most affordable delivery service rate in the market. 

At the same time, toktok also launched its delivery service app where customers can download and install directly to their mobile phone for added convenience when booking for delivery.

In February of 2021, toktok expanded its operation in the entire island of Luzon, and in March of 2021 the company announced that it has expanded its operation nationwide.

Not only that in the span of 4 months, the number of toktok app users surpassed the 500,000 download mark, making it the 3rd downloadable app in the Philippines on IOs business category alongside Zoom and Google Meet Apps.

With the incredible pace that this local delivery service is growing, it sends a strong signal that we Filipinos can make it BIG and it is possible for us to succeed in an industry where international companies have dominated.

So every time you see and pass by the massive toktok delivery service billboard ad along EDSA Guadalupe and North EDSA, know in your heart that we Filipinos are winning. toktok believes in the Filipino "can-do" spirit because toktok is the Filipino spirit!

toktok delivery service app can be downloaded either from the App Store or Google Play. toktok delivery service is also Powered by CloudPanda, an I.T. solutions company.

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