22 colonels, 3 generals submit resignations in Davao Region

3:25 pm on 8 January 2023, Sunday

By Romeo Braceros Jr.

Photo: PRO 11

The Philippine National Police in the Davao Region, including its National Support Unit, received the courtesy resignations of three police brigadier generals and 22 full-fledged colonels.

The resignation came after Secretary Benjamin Abalos Jr. of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) urged all fully-fledged police colonels and generals in the nation to tender a polite resignation to support the new approach the Marcos administration is taking in the war on drugs.

They unanimously support Abalos' call, according to Brigadier General Benjamin Silo Jr., regional head of Police Regional Office (PRO) 11, overseeing their courtesy resignation signing.

“I talk to colonels and generals of PRO 11, we are in unison in supporting the DILG to tender our courtesy resignation. We set aside legalities and do it purely on moral stands and as a challenge to our character. I think this is one sure way for us to occupy the moral high ground on the campaign against illegal drugs,” Silo said in a media interview Friday morning.

In the PNP's fight against illegal narcotics, Silo reassured the public that PRO 11's members are on the moral high ground because none of them are involved in drug trafficking.

Brigadier General Alexander Tagum, director of the Metropolitan Davao Police District (MDPD); Brigadier General Reynaldo Dela Cruz, acting director of the Regional Internal Affairs Service (RIAS) 11; Colonel Alberto Lupaz, chief of the Davao City Police Office (DCPO); and all police provincial directors of Region 11 were among those who also submitted their letters of courtesy resignation.

Additionally, Silo informed the public that there would be no disruption to police operations in the Davao Region because those who resigned would carry on with their duties until the five-person committee accepted their resignation.

Additionally, the police will broaden the scope of their concurrent anti-crime law enforcement operations.


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