toktokbills: A hassle-free bills payment with referral incentives

2:58 pm on 25 November 2022, Friday

By Aira Miranda
When you thought it couldn't get any better, toktok releases its latest upgrade to solidify its Filipino household name status in the mobile app industry.
The Filipino-developed superapp toktok has unveiled yet another addition to its growing platform with toktokbills. 

It is a new platform developed by Cloud Panda that provides e-payment services and transactions, making bill settlements and other related transactions in just one click.
Say goodbye to long hours of queuing in multiple payment centers to pay your monthly bills because toktokbills will now let you pay your bills at a touch of a finger, and here's how to use it:

1. Open the toktok application, then select toktokbills.
2. Select the type of biller you choose to pay.
3. Select the specific biller you want to pay.
4. Enter the details needed by the selected biller.
5. A payment summary will appear on the user's interface for review and checking. Select Pay Now to proceed.
6. The user will enter the 6-digit T-PIN for payment confirmation.
7. A downloadable e-receipt will be generated as proof of billing. It will also be sent to the user's registered e-mail.
8. A message will also be sent to the user as proof of a successful transaction.
On top of the convenience of paying bills online, toktokbills allows you to earn money through its referral program. You give your code to friends and family so they can download the toktok app, and in exchange, you receive a reward when they use the app for certain transactions.

'That is what makes toktokbills unique because, in our app, you can earn money by simply patronizing the features, especially the e-payment," CEO and President Jonathan So said.

"Loyalty and reward are one of the thrusts of our group of companies. If you love our products and use them, you will be rewarded," Carl Macadangdang, VP and COO, added.
"I agree; plus of course, the app is reliable and is maintained by a reputable company like CLoudpanda. Your money is safe with toktokbills. The transaction is smooth and truly hassle-free," So highlighted. 

"Please enjoy toktokbills like you consume all the other features of our superapp, toktok," Macadangdang ended. 

About toktok
With millions of app downloads, toktok sees an increasing number of Filipinos that can benefit from the ever-expanding array of products and services designed to improve aspects of its users' personal and professional lives.
toktok was initially a courier service app developed in the Philippines by Filipinos for Filipinos and launched in December 2020 by young and innovative business magnates Jonathan So and Carlito Macadangdang.
Many Filipinos have been given a chance to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams thanks to toktok's online franchise offer, which allows them to do so without ever leaving their homes. As a result, it's matured into a ground-breaking superapp, boosting its business by utilizing technology at its core.

Developed by Cloud Panda Ph, their own IT company solution, composed of 100% Filipino developers, and launched in the market.

Created to assist their other businesses (Siomai King, Coppermask, Boy Bondat, and JC) with logistical issues, they have decided to expand it to serve a larger market and eventually open it nationwide.

toktokbills will be launched via the toktok superapp on November 21, 2022.

Visit their website to find out more.


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