Davao City wants to become an agri-business investment hub

2:39 pm on 19 October 2022, Wednesday

By: Romeo Braceros Jr.

April Marie Dayap, director of the Davao City Investment Promotion Center (DCIPC), said her organization had intensified its marketing efforts to position the city as a suitable center for agribusiness investment.

According to her, the DCIPC still holds investment roadshows to promote Davao City to domestic and international investors and identify the best markets for the city's native goods.

Dayap said that virtual roadshows during the pandemic's peak exposed the DCIPC to more prospective markets.

According to her, the DCIPC held 12 online Zoom-based investment promotion roadshows in 2021.

She claimed that DCIPC had two virtual roadshows this year with business delegations from the USA and India. 

Business participants from Australia and the Middle East will attend two roadshows. She stated that at least three more would be planned for 2022.

The DCIPC is promoting high-value goods like durian to global markets in addition to virtual roadshows.

Dayap claimed that the city's secure environment, following the declaration of its insurgency-free status, has dramatically increased investor confidence, particularly in the agribusiness sector.

Dayap also revealed that several international organizations had shown interest in establishing maize plantations and processing facilities in the Pacquibato district.

A Singaporean investor is also suggesting a 25-hectare durian plantation in the Paquibato District. Since February 2019, the territory above has been deemed free of insurgency.

He added that the relaxation of travel restrictions and the revival of the tourism sector would revive foreign interest, necessitating a more aggressive marketing campaign to draw in more investors.


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