6M damage in Cebu City Sports Center Fire

5:40 pm on 19 November 2022, Saturday

On Friday, at about 9:38 a.m., a fire started at the Cebu City Sports Center.

Fire investigators estimated the damages at P6 million.

At 9:41 a.m., the fire department sounded the alarm. At 9:57, the fire was under control, and it was also declared out.

The building, constructed of various materials, was only partially damaged by the fire.

Although no injuries were recorded, the Cebu City Fire Department estimated that at least 25 people were impacted.

The building that caught fire was formerly used as a dormitory until it was closed during the epidemic, according to fire investigator Fire Officer 3 Emerson Arceo.

Arceo claimed that the dormitory's numerous foam beds, many of which the athletes had previously used, contributed to the dense smoke that resulted from the fire.

Arceo noted that they would continue their investigation despite the CCSC management's suspicions that electrical issues contributed to the incident.

The fire disrupted classes at Abellana National High School, which used the building's ground floor as a classroom.

Following the fire's impact on its electricity, the CCSC office also ceased operations.


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